The following from Lynda Young was sent to in response to the Board of Directors’ Letter to All Members re: Changing the Name of Our Organization to Cycle Toronto.  Lynda has served as both an outreach volunteer and Outreach Coordinator for the bike union.

Dear friends at bike union, 

I have been an outreach volunteer and coordinator for the bike union at various events since June 2011. When I first heard about the consideration of a name change, I thought it was bizarre. Until a tabling session outside Evergreen Bikeworks changed my perspective. 
A guy walking past my table through the farmers market cheerfully asked, “What’s this?” I smiled and started my by-then near record-perfect speech, “Hi! Are you familiar with the Toronto Cyclists Union?”
This was what he said, “Union?” 
Then, he turned and strode briskly away. 
Through my many discussions with others in support of the bike union, including members, non-members, board members, volunteers, partners, I have come to realise that it is the work of the bike union that leads them to support the organisation. The name change may rock the boat a little, but those on board will stay on board, even those who lose their balance and fell off the boat will climb back on eventually. 
On the other hand, the name change will serve to open the minds of those who have issues with the name for the name’s sake, allowing us the chance to tell them who we are and what we are about.
Hence, name change is good. Better now than later (to minimise cost of name change due to reprinting of material etc).
With regards to choice of name, again, people who support should, by logic, continue to support the work that the bike union does. I believe you when you said the board has spent months considering options and alternatives. I trust that. And I thank you for doing the research and taking on the (I imagine, painstakingly long) discussions on behalf of the rest of us members!
One other thing to point out, it was suggested that might be used as the future site after the name change. I wonder if is a better option, for the purpose of differentiation from ibiketo. Don’t get me wrong, I like Herb’s blog. But I also think making it easy for people to find our website will be a good thing. 
I also wonder if after the name change and site change, (as a web address) can still exist to redirect webusers to the new website, whatever it ends up becoming. 
my two cents (and 1 cup coffee),