A member for over 2 years, Mary-Margaret Jones wrote the bike union’s Board of Directors expressing her thoughts on the name change. She’ll be voting against the proposed name change.  

Dear Toronto Cyclists Union Board of Directors,

Thank you for informing me about the proposed name change for the Toronto Cyclists Union.  I will be voting against your proposition.

I like the current name and think it is an accurate descriptor. The Bike Union is a union of like-minded individuals, concerned with creating a safe cycling infrastructure in the city of Toronto. In addition, name changes confuse people who have just become familiar with younger organizations. Keep your brand equity in tact. 

Finally, I am disheartened that the Toronto Cyclists Union is allowing its critics to define the nature of the organization. I assume that the proposed name change is precipitated by misconceptions of the Bike Union’s work, and/ or the musings of pundits like Don Cherry. There is nothing wrong with the word union. You are allowing them to define what it means and what this organization can mean for the city of Toronto.

Warm regards,

Mary-Margaret Jones